Amanda S.

Not only does she have amazing products, she has amazing customer service. FREE shipping and FREE (seriously) returns!!! What other company do you know that will give you free shipping & returns?! As an avid online shopper, I will give you the answer: NONE!!! Just when you think it can’t get any better, she creates a loyalty AND a referral program!! Items are very reasonably priced especially considering their higher quality. They are also on-trend, and a better version than others you can find in store. The workout leggings are THE BEST I have ever purchased. Nike, Fabletics, Forever 21, Express, etc can’t even come close to her leggings.

Joree D.
I have gotten so many compliments on the items I bought through Danicathreesixty! Not only are the clothes super stylish, great quality and at amazing prices, but the fit guides make it super easy to find your size.. and if it doesn't fit for some reason = FREE returns/exchanges?! Yup! I am so in love with this company that I spend my Thursday night anxiously awaiting the new arrivals on the live videos :)

Jessica D.
Quality fashion forward items that are trend-wise. Affordable pricing. FREE SHIPPING (like.. on ANY order amount, no.. I'm serious) and FREE returns. Great rewards program. Amazing customer service. If you're not buying D360, you're missing out!

Kelsey P.


Ordered one time and was hooked, haven’t been able to stop since then. not only are the prices reasonable (and great quality at that) and shipping FAST but the customer service is probably what keeps me coming back for more... can’t wait to see what else you get in!!

Chelsey D. 


Can’t stop buying all of the adorable, affordable clothes. It’s ridiculous. And shipping is amazingly fast. Everything is quality material for a reasonable price, I love every piece I’ve bought so far.

Molly Q.


I have had to contact danica directly to get the perfect item for an important shindig and I love how fast she responded. She stayed in contact until we going the perfect one! Amazing customer service!!!!! 

Jazmine H.


Stylish? Yes.
Affordable? Yes.
Free shipping? Yes.
Quality fabrics? Yes.
Do I love danicathreesixty? A million times yes.

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