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It's a new year. Time to clean the slate of 2017 & start your best year yet! Check out these 5 blog post ideas to help you kick off your 2018.

THE ONLY PERSON STOPPING YOU IS YOU. Get that dream job, earn that body you've always wanted! It's time to take control of your life. Here's to 2018: the year of going after our dreams, failing forward & becoming the best version of ourselves yet.

-xo, danica

1: VISION BOARDING : How To Make A Vision Board That Actually Works

    1. Discern your intentions.
    2. Gather your supplies.
    3. Create Space.
    4. Find your images + words.
    5. Paste them to the page.
    6. Put your vision board somewhere that you can see it.
    7. Write a “make it real” list.
    8. Notice + heal any resistance.
    9. Repeat.
For a deeper dive into each of the 9 steps to make your vision board check out the full article from: https://christieinge.com/9-steps-for-creating-a-vision-board-that-actually-works/
Need ideas to kick start your vision? Check out some of my favorites!


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