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It's a new year. Time to clean the slate of 2017 & start your best year yet! Check out these 5 blog post ideas to help you kick off your 2018.

THE ONLY PERSON STOPPING YOU IS YOU. Get that dream job, earn that body you've always wanted! It's time to take control of your life. Here's to 2018: the year of going after our dreams, failing forward & becoming the best version of ourselves yet.

-xo, danica

2: MAKE IT REAL : The board is worth absolutely nothing if you don't execute.

Make a list of the things you could experiment with to start living out your values NOW. That is the awesome thing about using your values to guide you, you can be successful NOW, without waiting for something external to change.

Be sure to ground your list in things that you are actually in control of. If you are already doing things that feel the way you want, make note of that, too. Get as specific as you can and start choosing those things as often as possible. 

If you're like me, the more visual the list - the better the execution. Try visually tracking your goals! Reward yourself when you accomplish each one!

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